Do Potential Employers Check Facebook

You might have heard that some employers check the social network profiles of the employees they want to hire. Is this true? The truth is that there are employers who check these profiles, and some do not check. What do these employers check? It is important to know what the employers check.

The employers check the profiles of their candidates to:

1: Know if the candidate is a good fit with corporate culture

Most of the employers want to know more about the person they would like to hire. There are information that they might not get from a questionnaire. In a questionnaire, the potential employee give answers that the employer would like to hear. That is why these employers use Facebook to learn more about the employee, because people share almost everything on their profiles.

2: Find out the qualifications of their potential candidates

Most of the employers use social media to learn more the qualifications of the employees they would like to hire. An employee might have mentioned about their communication skills, so the employer checks to know if this is supported by their online activity. They want to make sure that the candidate is friendly, intelligent and articulate. They also check to confirm if the information the candidate posted on their resume match with what they have listed on their Facebook profile.

3: Know if the candidate is creative

When the employers are going through the Facebook profiles of their candidates, they want to make sure that these candidates are creative. They learn how the candidates are using the latest technological tools. Employers want to know how innovative and original their candidates are.

Employers check Facebook and these are the things that the employers check when they are going through Facebook profiles of their potential employees. That is why you should be careful when you are posting something online.